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Mobile Shower
Self contained, the unit can shower 20 people, it has a 600 litre tank for the two shower heads, a 100 litre gravity feed water tank for the basin. The water flows from a fresh water tank into another 600 litre waste tank which cannot be recycled.

The unit works on a large 12v battery which powers lights and the pump which flows through a gas geyser. The Gas geyser ignites automatically once the hot water has been turned on.

If the unit is attached to a fresh water supply with the exit pipe put in a drain and the electricity connected as well as an unlimited gas supply then you are able to shower non stop.

Ideal for...
  • Sport Events
  • Movie Sets
  • Athletic Events
  • Golf Events
  • School Functions
  • Special Events
  • Camping Sites
  • Cycle Challenges

Perfect for outdoor tented camp areas

Plenty of space


Hot water construction showers perfect for construction sites for extended periods. All the unit needs is a pressurised water supply and a drain for the waste water to disperse.


These units work on gas so as long as there is a pressurised water supply as well as a gas supply, they will function perfectly.



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